Ninh Binh is an intriguing land, which has not only impressive landscapes, but also tasty dishes. If you come to Ninh Binh, enjoy all the specialties to have fun fill trip. Let’s get the local flavor on Ninh Binh tour 2 days!

Coming to Ninh Binh without enjoying goat meat of this land, it means you do not know the specialty here. Ninh Binh goat meat is better than goat meat in other areas because goats are mainly raised in limestone mountains, eat a variety of leaves, so the meat is delicious and tasty. Into a variety of different dishes, and under the hands of the miraculous processing of these rocky people that each has a delicious taste, attractive separately. As the lemongrass goat, goat soup, goat hotpot, pan fried, grilled goat, porridge, sauces, fried rolls … When enjoying, diners not only enjoy the food but also fascinate nature Mixed wilderness of this place. The most delicious is reed food is both delicious food used to nourish the body, as well as a cure for some diseases are very effective, because the goat eat a lot of leaves, containing medicinal properties.

Scorched rice is one of the specialty dishes of Ninh Binh. The pieces of rice are not dry fire that is crispy in the mouth, delicious but slightly wild in each grain of rice. This dish includes scorched rice, goat meat, beef or heart, kidney beans fried with vegetables like onion, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes. For rice is delicious, people use sticky rice, round and round grain rice. Cooking charcoal is best. Let the fire to somehow evenly, creating fire all over the bottom of the pot, no place thick thin. It is necessary to cook with a cast iron pot. When the fire is removed, it is necessary to dry two or three suns before sun exposure. When preservation must be hygienic, to open space, absolutely avoid moisture mold, close to eat new crispy. If you have to pass through the day, the rice will be rancid and dirt, not good. Sliced ​​goat or goat meat is marinated and fried with vegetables, then poured over the rice to burn. The delicious firewood is light yellow, with seeds, crispy and still, with a fresh aroma. The rice is sold everywhere in the land of Ninh Binh. You can buy on the highway to the famous tourist sites such as Bai Dinh Pagoda, Tam Coc, Trang An…

To Ninh Binh, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy special dishes Gia Vien shrimp sauce to enjoy the unique culture of cuisine of Ninh Binh. This type of sauce is made from fresh, old, round, small and blue. After processing, one has to seal up for one month or more to be cooked. At this time new sauce is sweet, bold, very attractive. The shrimps used as raw materials are shrimp, small shrimps, blue round stem. The shrimp are washed and dried. Shrimp is mixed with golden rice bran (rice roasted and pounded) and salt in a certain proportion. Then, bring the mixture into the jar, pour less boiling water to cool and simmer for 6 months. Gia Vien shrimp paste is finished with bright red color, sweet smell and salty taste. Using Gia Vien shrimp paste does not need to add sweeteners, but the sauce still has a sweet taste.

Being one of the famous culinary specialties of Ninh Binh, the Nhech fishes salad makes visitors feel like a heartbreaking, once-in-a-lifetime memory. The selected fish must be fresh, of 400kg or larger, belly fat white, back dark blue stone through many stages of meticulous processing, picky new to make the dish does not have the fishy taste of fish. When eaten with delicious taste mixed with the taste of roasted sticky rice with the sour taste of vinegar and spicy warming of ginger, pepper, chili, rinse in the sauce. To Ninh Binh have to eat fish Kim Son new feel the delicious taste of this fish salad.

This species is extremely rare because they only live in rock caves, until the rainy season from April to August crawl out looking for food and reproduction. Mountain huts are found in most parts of Ninh Binh Province but are concentrated in the limestone mountains of Tam Diep, Yen Mo and Nho Quan, Hoa Lu. Mountain snails are difficult to detect, people often have to get up early in the morning when the snails crawl out of the cave to find new catch. The meat is tough, brittle, crispy, sweet, and aromatic. Mountain huts can be made into many dishes such as grilled, fried, steamed ginger, boiled, mixed salad onions … are very attractive.

As a connoisseur of folk food when coming to Ninh Binh land ancient lyrical, in addition to specialties such as Ninh Binh goat meat, scorched rice…you can not ignore Ninh Binh eel vermicelli, delicacies that guests are often told to eat once is remember forever. Also processed from the vermicelli and eel like other places but eel in Ninh Binh is very specific taste. By the secret know-how passed from one life to another the water used here is processed quite special. The bones of the eel are tunneled in a separate formula, before being put in the bunker, which is separated from the meat, leaving it in pieces, in the process of picking up the bubbles continuously so that the water is clear. Give the bowl of dark brown water, thick and thick lips.

Kim Son wine is a branded wine, currently nominated for the record “Top 10 most famous specialty wine in Vietnam”. Wine is produced from traditional villages in the coastal district of Kim Son, Ninh Binh. Kim Son wine is distilled from glutinous rice, medicinal herbs, and natural water wells, produced by the know-how of the villages in Kim Son. Alcohol is usually high concentration, transparent, foam to wipe wine, the higher the wine. Previously, the wine was placed in the earthen jar and dry banana leaves, Kim Son wine when drinking to feel very fragrant and soothing. A characteristic of wine is the longer the longer the delicious.Especially Kim Son wine is very good for health when soaked with snakes, geckos, sea stars…

It must be a big miss if not trying local cuisine on your trip. From mountain goat, to shrimp sauce, or scorched rice, the wide range of Ninh Binh dishes will make a wonderful trip. Try local flavor on Ninh Binh tour 2 days to get closer to local culture, and explore an exotic cuisine.

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